Happy flowers


I was recently given the lovely opportunity to assist at a photoshoot for White magazine, I just helped with carrying & loading equipment but it was so wonderful to watch the professionals at work and be part of such a creative and friendly environment.

The shoot included some flowers from Pushing Pansies and I was lucky enough to be given a bunch to take home… so of course I spent all morning photographing and playing with them!





(and a little moody, black and white edit to finish..!)



Happy quotes

Hello !

I created these prints with my hand lettering and some beautiful images from Unsplash.



I’d love your thoughts on them ! x

Handlettered boards

Hi friends,

I thought I’d compile a post with some of my recent wedding signs I’ve been creating. I’m slowly refining the process and each board it gets a little bit easier.

They do take a long time to finish and each one is crafted with the utmost care and love in my little home by the beach.

Enjoy …


The Card box I made for my own wedding.


The Welcome board that started it all off! My Mum and I made this for my own wedding, it involved much experimenting and testing of paints and stains. 12698253_1231614343534704_3382002312829172930_o

I made this ‘The Adventure Begins’ board THE DAY BEFORE before my wedding, I’m not even sure it was fully dry on the night!



Our florist added some lovely flowers to the boards – always the perfect touch!


One of my first custom orders, for a really lovely wedding.


(Photo by Muse Photography)


Two custom signs for the Brokenwood Winemakers dinner at The Anchorage, Port Stephens.



I like that not all of my boards are for weddings… this was a Father’s Day welcome sign for Baylife Church.


Sometimes I don’t even paint on boards… this bible verse was hand painted straight onto the wall.


This is my most recent board (for now!) You can definitely see the progression of style, looking forward to see what I’m asked to create in the future!

You can keep up to date on Facebook and instagram.



Wedding Love

Hi !

Okay, so as well as chai tea, flowers and all the other little loves I’ve been sharing lately, I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE weddings! I loved my own beautiful, happy wedding and I love watching my friends and family getting married.

I love watching the groom cry at the ceremony, I love seeing little flower girls all dress up and smiling, I love catching up with cousins and friends, I love enjoying food and dancing with those closest to me, I love the flowers, the music and the decorations, but most of all I do just love, love.

This little wedding was one of my cousins and his stunning fiance. It was a charming summer afternoon by the beach in Sydney.


There ceremony was in a gorgeous old church, with just a few simple touches of gum leaves.



The table decorations included  – chocolate and stunning flowers, what more could you want?


Hooray for amazing cakes & chalkboard art !


Their reception was at a surf lifesaving club overlooking the cool blues of the ocean and complete with refreshing afternoon breeze.


I even got to take some flowers home with me !

Peony love

Hi all !

Just a short little post today to share my absolute LOVE of flowers, particularly peonies and David Austin Roses.

The ever-wonderful Matt drove me all the way into the city so I could buy these flowers so I thought they deserved to be shared online.


The black backdrop provides a stunning backdrop for these white beauties.


That’s all for today, just a little snippet of floral-love. For more inspiration check out my ever-growing pinterest board of flowers!


Chai tea

I am the biggest fan of chai tea & chai lattes, as a non-coffee drinker it’s nice to have an alternative when out with friends on a coffee date. For when I’m just at home a simple cup of chai tea (my favourite is from T2) is my favourite treat.

I’ve attempted making my own chai tea a few times, it’s really quite simple providing you have the right ingredients. I took these photos of my chai-making for a uni assignments, but be warned, I did substitute ingredients to get better photos – so it’s not entirely authentic.


The basics of many chai recipes are cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black tea, fennel and peppercorns.

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Etsy store

Hello friends!

Exciting news … my little Etsy store is now open after months of planning (& procrastinating).

You can have look here.


It is only small beginnings at the moment but I’m so excited to have finally found a way to share my little creations and a new way to save up for craft supplies.


My store is mainly small tags currently, as they are easy to sort and post. Each tag is completely hand painted and therefore 100% unique.

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Mother’s Day

Hello !

I know it’s been a long time since we celebrated Mother’s Day here in Australia, but I stumbled across these images on my phone and thought I’d share my little DIY with you all.

Our church celebrates Mother’s Day beautifully each year and it’s always a lot of fun brainstorming, planning and creating lots of surprises for the Mums and ladies of the church.

We decided on a floral theme for this year and created a pastel coloured ribbon backdrop Photo Booth. We gave each Mum a little floral wreath print and wooden stand. A group of girls made the most delicious cupcakes and we hung giant balloons from the ceiling in our auditorium.

It was a delightfully fun and colourful morning and here are some of the behind the scenes processes…

Print + stand

I painted a delicate little wreath of leaves and flowers which I then scanned into the computer and added text. A friend cut and sanded pieces of timber to create little stands for each print.


Floral letters

We spelt out ‘MUM’ in giant floral letters … which largely involved a lot of hot glue and patience. I cut the letter shapes out of coreflute and cut up bunches of fake flowers to attach.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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